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“Home for peace”  becomes a most common slogan to all. Without a good living place none can live in peace & happily. So good living place is most essential to all. For this purpose Uttara Builders is always beside yours in daily life to solve this problem. Because home is always a natural demand and sweet dream of every one from the beginning of civilization. 

UTTARA BUILDERS is one of the leading real estate companies in Bangladesh. It has become a trusted name in the real estate sector in Bangladesh. From it’s very inception, the company has won the confidence and goodwill of its within a short span of time, UTTARA BUILDERS has grown into a renowned and dependable organization, building elegant, aesthetically pleasing structures that grace Mega City as finest neighbourhoods. UTTARA BUILDERS uses the highest quality building materials and finishing products to ensure durability and customer satisfaction.  UTTARA BUILDERS has tried to provide accommodations suitable for small families while creating scope for development of residential lands in the vicinity of the Mega City. Efforts are underway to cater to the needs of clients in every market segment. The success of such a large construction company requires specialized labours and highly qualified professional backup. In real estate industry “UTTARA BUILDERS” is performing vital contribution in this sector with great reputation. We feel proud that we are always conscious in our selection of projects places, quality materials, modern fittings etc. For this corporate and social commitment “UTTARA BUILDERS” has become most reliable real estate company with in short period. Now “UTTARA BUILDERS” is going to expand at agro-based industry which makes more employment opportunity. Our motto is to contribute at the national economy for the development and progress. UTTARA BUILDERS always think Corporate, “UTTARA BUILDERS” assures Quality, professionalism in construction with social Commitment and we do it in fact it is happens so. UTTARA BUILDERS always stands by your side in deed and in need. Since through our extensive task history of constructing ventures we have developed a customer service business philosophy. Productive and timely customer service in the backbone of our company. The company achieved rapid and steady growth under the youthful exuberance and dynamic leadership of its Managing Director in particular with able assistance and concerted efforts of its Directors, Engineers, Technicians and employees. We are experienced in providing quality services and products. Our Motto is “We believe in quality not quantity.” With exponential growth in construction demand, we are fully equipped to face the challenges at tomorrow. With our comprehensive designs and engineering services, we are meeting the requirements of the end users. The success story of UTTARA BUILDERS. with a vision of state of art technology, hard work with dedicated and qualified teams having highly professional background, vision and innovation skills. After all UTTARA BUILDERS is a natural choice for construction solutions.

We have others business concerns as Paribarton (pvt.) Ltd., Uttara Probortan City Paribarton Fashion & Trading SDN.BHD Paribarton Trading Paribarton Agro & Monipur Fashion.  Uttara Builders is a natural choice for construction solutions.



General Information:

Name of the Company: Paribarton Pvt Ltd.
Name of Project: UTTARA BUILDERS
Corporate Office : House # 1/A (Flat 1A )
Road # 2, Sector # 3
Uttara, Dhaka.
Phone: 02-48958589, 02-48958599

Establishment: May, 2016.
Type of Company: Limited Company.
Type of Business: Apartment.
Operating bank: Exim Bank Bangladesh Ltd. and Brac Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

Approved by: Bangladesh Government(Local government Authority, National Housing Authority).
Certified by: Lamudi.